HMS Hermes

The Association History

Founded by the late Mr Ted Nelson Girtchen ex stoker of HMS Hermes 9 and his eldest son Mr E  Girtchen (Ted) Ex RN in 1987.

The first reunion was held at UJC London with 53 people attending and a very joyful weekend was had by all.

The majority of the shipmates present were to meet for the first time since the 9th April 1942, forty five years after Hermes 9 was sunk by Japanese dive bombers off the coast of Trincomalee Ceylon.

The second reunion was planned and held in October 1988 in Liverpool this time 64 people were to attend and again proved very successful.

The third reunion was again held in Liverpool in April 1989 at which Hermes 10 shipmates were invited to attend – this proved beyond doubt the real beginning of the need for a yearly reunion.

Going from strength to strength an association committee was formed and elected from the floor by those members present with an AGM to be held each year.

Many years later we are utmost proud and honoured to still have Hermes 9 survivors among our members and Hermes 10 shipmates of all commissions up to and including the Falklands war.

The Hermes Association meets each year in April on the nearest weekend to the  date of the anniversary of when Hermes 9 was sunk in respect of those that were lost in 1942.

Our dedicated committee members ensure that a very memorable weekend is had by all.

There is a range of events incorporating our AGM social/quiz evenings/grand gala mess dinner/local trip of interest/service of remembrance with parade of the Hermes standard.